Capturing Stunning Waterfalls

MAY 26th -28th 2017 Brevard NC

Discover the wispy and thunderous waterfalls in the Land of Waterfalls. This three day adventure will take you to some of our favorites spots. Warmer weather will bring out the luscious greens, spring flowers will be blooming and the waters will be cool and crisp. Learn to capture and process that dreamy water and soft light on those gorgeous spring greens.

What to expect

A full two days of adventure and shooting including both sunrise and sunset golden hour locations. We will meet Friday the 26th for introductions and pre-instruction, followed by a relaxing evening shoot. We will start during the golden hours of the morning and as the light changes, we will introduce other techniques needed to help you continue to photograph, sometimes even in the daylight hours. We will explore the use of filters to improve upon your waterfall imagery and show you how to achieve the soft, milky water look.

Enrollment is limited, so you will receive ample individual attention, with not one, but two qualified instructors to assist you. You’ll quickly learn through direct hands-on instruction. This is the best way to learn and remember it for your next outing.

The Land of Waterfalls

Few things in the natural world are as awe-inspiring as the sight of water pouring off the side of a high stone ledge and clamoring into a rocky pool beneath. Though the first inclination may be stand and marvel, you might not want to spend too much time at any one waterfall. Not when there are 249 others you might want to visit. When it comes to North Carolina waterfalls, Transylvania County is Mecca. 

The county's unique geography allows for 250 magnificent cascades within a few miles of each other. Many of Transylvania County's beautiful falls are easily accessible.

Spring in Brevard

There is no better time to visit the Land of Waterfalls. The weather is absolutely perfect, with crisp mornings and warmer water, and the summer crowds haven't come out yet. The green leaf buds begin to pop out and the sping flowers are starting to add color. With the lush greens and the higher water from Spring rains the waterfalls are a photographers playground. Mist hangs in the early morning air and the atmosphere of intrigue is around every tree.


Friday - Arrival

  • Get yourself to the Brevard and check into your hotel.
  • Clear off those memory cards and charge those batteries.
  • We will all meet on Friday at 4pm for introductions and instructions.
  • Sunset shooting at an easy to access waterfall to get things started.


  • Wake up early and travel together to our first, nearby location to capture the first of many impressive waterfalls.
  • In field hands on instruction
  • After our initial sunrise and morning session, we will return to the hotel to freshen up, eat and rest. 
  • Advanced Composition Techniques Presentation and Processing Techniques
  • Travel together to our afternoon locations and more instructional shooting.
  • We will shoot until the light is gone.
  • One of our favorite spots for dinner on Saturday night. 


  • Wake up early again for another special sunrise locaton
  • In-field instruction and hands on guidance.
  • Refueling (Food and Coffee).
  • 11:30am Wrap-up and closing remarks