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Mountains to Sea Workshops offers landscape photography workshops in both North Carolina and South Carolina.  Our Workshops are scheduled at key times throughout the year in both the low countries of
North and South Carolina, as well as the mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee and now Virginia and West Virginia.  Our Adventure Workshops are designed for the outdoor landscape and nature photographer,from those just starting out to those that have been shooting for years.
Working in small groups, our goal will be to increase technical knowledge while expanding vision and creativity at visually inspiring locations.Learn to capture stunning images using techniques the professionals use, with hands on instruction in the field.

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Our Instructors

Alistair Nicol

Alistair Nicol is a fine art landscape photographer based in Charleston, South Carolina. He was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and quickly developed a love for both the ocean and the mountains at a young age. Hiking out his backdoor up the side of Table Mountain and heading off to surf at the many beaches were some of his favorite activities growing up.  His thirst for adventure and the great outdoors started early and firmed a strong handhold on him.

Now he relishes getting out into this big beautiful world and capturing the incredible landscape and finer details.  Making memories and experiences of this natural world has always been a passion for him.  Sharing these experiences and helping others capture the beauty all around is his life mission.

Alistair specializes in landscape and fine art photography. You can learn more about Alistair, view his work, and see more on his website:

Tommy White

Tommy White is a Visual Artist and Landscape Photographer in the Southern Appalachians. Living in the quaint mountain town of Boone, Tommy is immersed in the heart of old mountain culture and the incredible beauty of the High Country.  With a great passion for nature and the Outdoors, Tommy enjoys exploring the remote reaches of the Western NC wilderness. His connection with the natural world is best seen captured in his dramatic and dynamic imagery.

Tommy’s life long passion is evident in his award winning work and his style is unmistakeable. His talent for capturing rare moments of fleeting light and synergy between elements have become recognizable in his work and his style can best be described in the way a scene is captured, unique in time, place and atmosphere.

As a Photography instructor, Tommy enjoys sharing his years of experience and his artistic approach with aspiring photographers. Tommy is especially fond of helping photographers identify and nurture their artistic vision and more importantly, how to bring it to life. An aspect of photography that is frequently overlooked in the common quest for speedy improvement and tomorrows post.

You can view more of his work at

Athena Carey

Athena Carey is an award winning travel photographer specializing in long exposure and black and white photography. She is widely recognized for her ability to capture the emotional essence of “place and time” within her images. Her photographs transport you to cliff sides, sea sides, lakesides, fields and forests, waterfalls and mountains.

Athena’s career in photography began as a portrait photographer, where her greatest goal was to create images that express each client’s personality – a sparkle of their inner self, seen through the window of a two dimensional image. But her love of the world and of nature lured her outside into the exciting and rewarding world of travel photography, where her goal remains virtually the same, to capture the essence of each.

One of Athena’s greatest pleasures is sharing photography with others. She teaches the technical aspects of photography, how to connect to your own artistic vision; and how to use these two together to create beautiful, powerfully expressive photographs. She teaches photo courses online and locally, and offers workshops and tours around the world.

Her keen appreciation for the natural beauty of our planet drives her excitement about each new and next destination, whether it’s the glorious Irish coast, or the local fishing hole. There is beauty and wonder to be found everywhere.

For more information on Athena’s work visit her website:

Mark VanDyke

I’m Mark VanDyke and I’m an Outdoor Freelance Photographer focusing on the Appalachian Mountains and eastern coastlines. Whether it’s in the cold waters of a mountain stream, on the rugged crest of an Appalachian mountain, or standing in the rhythmic surf of a southern coastline, out “there” is where I’m at my best. Out there is where I want to be. I do it because I love it. The reward, for me, is experiencing the many things that come between an initial idea and the actual field-capture of the natural world when environmental conditions are dynamic and the composition storytelling.

I shoot single-exposure frames using a Nikon D810 camera body with either a wide-angle and/or a medium-telephoto lens. Neutral density graduated filters help me control overall exposures in the field, as well as help to minimize time I might have to spend behind the computer processing files (a primary goal of mine!). All of my gear gets tossed into an F-Stop Loka pack and rides along on my adventures! With respect to photographic philosophy, everything I do behind the camera and the computer is towards the goal of showing respect and humility to the places that I visit. I believe that the choice and composition of elements within the frame is the art of photography, and I try to keep all other influences of myself as the artist beyond composition largely out of the final frame. The focus, if I’m succeeding with my own brand of photography, should always be on the specific place I’m photographing and not on me as the artist behind the lens or in the digital darkroom.


My portfolio can be found here:

Choose one of the packages below to learn more.

Autumn Waterfalls

12 Oct 2018 - 14 Oct 2018
  • Instructor: Tommy White & Alistair Nicol
  • 2 day Workshop
  • Golden Mountain Streams
  • Autumn reflections
  • Dramatic Waterfalls in brilliant fall color
  • Use of filters to control glare
  • Achieving the dreamy water effect

Capers Island Campout

07 Dec 2018 - 09 Dec 2018
  • Instructors: Alistair Nicol & Tommy White
  • 2 day Workshop
  • Gourmet meal on the beach
  • Camping in the Boneyard beach of Capers Island
  • Golden sunrise reflections
  • Bike rides through the Boneyard
  • Star Trails and Time Lapse Photography
  • Long Exposures in the Boneyard

Charleston Private Instruction

  • Instructor: Alistair Nicol
  • Half Day Sessions
  • Sundown at Shem Creek
  • Sunrise at Botany Bay Plantation
  • Peak Azalea Bloom at Magnolia Gardens
  • Folly Beach sunrise

High Country Private Instruction

  • Instructor: Tommy White
  • Image Critique
  • Camera Technique and use of filters
  • Composition, lines, light & subject
  • Luminance Masking & Exposure Blending
  • Exploring the Blue Ridge!

Highlands Winter Expedition

09 Feb 2018 - 11 Feb 2018
  • Instructor: Tommy White
  • 2 Day Workshop
  • access to hidden locations
  • golden sunrises and sunsets
  • Ice covered forests
  • Frozen lakes and streams

Spring in Charleston

22 Mar 2019 - 24 Mar 2019
  • Instructors: Alistair Nicol and Tommy White
  • 2 Day Workshop
  • Sunrises & Sunsets
  • Botany Bay Plantation
  • Peak Azalea Bloom at Magnolia Gardens
  • Folly Beach sunrise